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I'm Your Slave and You're My Obsession

Round 18

You cannot participate unless you are listed in THIS post. Everyone should have posting access, please let me know if you don't.

- All icons are to be fresh and made especially for this challenge.
- All icons are to fit LJ standards (.png, .gif, .jpg, 40KB or less).
- Keep things PG13 rated--no nudity and nothing too bloody; some are easily offended. If you aren't sure, just ask.
- If you want a participation banner, SAY SO in your entry to the community.
- No animation.
- When posting icons, submit a new entry (they're moderated); also make sure to post all 20 at once.
- If you post icons to your journal or community, make sure all entries are PUBLIC, they need to be seen for voting!
- If you claim an actor or actress, you have to use pictures/stills of them in character
- USE THE FOLLOWING TAGS: !round 18, entries: round 18, maker: your username, and film: your film, tv show: your tv show, actor/actress: celebrity name, whichever one is applicable.
actor: sam rockwell
actress: christina hendricks
film: into the wild
tv show: arrested development

10 THEMES: Green, Summer, Lyrics*, Hair, Dramatic, End*, Emot-icon*, Stock it*, Duplicate*, Object

*Lyrics: Icon need to feature atleast three lines from any song of your choice.
*End: icon something from the end of your film/show. On a TV show it needs to be from the season or series finale.
*Emot-icon: Feature two different distinguishable emotions in your icon, that means you will either have to split your icon or feature two characters showing emotions.
*Stock It: Use a stock image in your icon (compass, gun & cassette in examples) and incorporate it
*Duplicate: This icon must be made using a cap you have already used for another one of your icons

5 STORY TELLING: Icon 5 images from the same scene and submit them in order of the scene...so looking across them it tells a story, or looks like a 'flip book'. They should all look like they go together (ie: use of same or similar coloring/textures etc.)

Here's an example of what I submitted for a similar challenge at lost20in20 a while back:

5 ARTIST'S CHOICE: What ever you'd like


If you have any questions please ask. :)
Tags: !information, !round 18

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