September 21st, 2008



I'm currently looking for 3-4 banner makers to help me out. If you're interested, please comment here with a link to your work or some examples (the comments are screened!)  I'm still in need of one more banner maker to help with the participation banners, also maybe a backup or two in case someone else can't make them for that round.

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Wow! I'm so pleased with the great response I've gotten with this community, thanks so much for signing up :) We already have 28 members signed up. I planned on keeping sign ups open until this FRIDAY, however, I'm going to close them earlier if we hit 40 sign ups before Friday. So, don't wait if you want to participate in this round, there are still 12 spots left! SIGN UP!!!

Also a big thanks to the wonderful girls from celeb20in20  and redhour  from icons20in20  for promoting this place!