April 14th, 2009

Daniel Craig || CR | V/B

round six reminder

You've got SIX DAYS let to submit your icons into round six.
Icons are due by 11pm (EST) on the 20th.

The following people still need to submit their icons:
goodbye_anymore, bekkis, quiddity_, waterhart, thewonderlife, pibbplusredvine, direlullaby, lillianporter, nicole_nut, nodazzle, aniexx, fbi_woman, creadigol_lili, ms_shalimar, freezercons, lydkami, driveshaft108, lone_wo1f, vesisade, overevery, sjlnechnaia, wh1tfuldr3amer, df_2nd_diary, misore, loriwantanabe, heka_granger