January 31st, 2010


mod post

I fail as a mod :(

-EDIT- I've just noticed that the polls were working after all. T____T
Some of the comments posted in the post I misread them to mean that polls were not working as opposed to people being unable to vote because some of the entries weren't showing.
I blame this on 5 hours of coding at 5am.

Sorry to people who voted. I realised this as I was deleting the posts because my email took about 2 hours to load. So I'm going to stick to deleting the rest, and reposting them when my net is uncapped on Monday so I can tell what icons aren't loading so I can fix them (which is impossible to do when the page doesn't load)
Even updating this post has nearly taken 30 minutes to do due to the loading speed. When I started tonight my net wasn't this slow.

So therefore voting on round 13 will not be up until 1st February.
I wanted this up this weekend, but LJ coding with capped internet at 5am is making me cry. I need to sleep.

I'm so sorry everyone.

This round has been a learning curve for me, especially when it comes to coding, hope everyone understands.
I'm hoping to have over come all my teething problems once round 14 gets going.