February 12th, 2010


mod post -again-

So, round 14 info is drafted up already and will be posted tomorrow.

Reason behind this post is this:
I'm traveling overseas, to the US and the UK, in 13 days (I'm from Australia) 4 days in Los Angeles for a convention, then 6 months in the London on a working hoilday.

I will try to keep on top of things, round 13 helped me get the way I run the comm sorted in my head and the next round voting and posting will be a lot easier (and therefore quicker) but things might happen (like not getting a decent internet connection on my arrival in London on 2nd March) so what I'm asking is if anyone is willing to help out with comm maintaining while I get my feet on the ground, or for when my feet are off the ground (ie: when I'm on two 13 hour plane trips)

It'll be just as a back up, in case things don't turn out like planned with my London arrival and setup.
Comment if your interested in helping out.