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tvfilm20's Journal

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icon challenges
Welcome to tvfilm20 This community was inspired by such communities as celeb20in20 and icons20in20. Like those, you have 20 days to create 20 icons, except instead of choosing a celebrity, you will choose a tv show or film. So please don't hesitate to join if you're interested!

rules and guidelines
- Icons cannot be animated.
- When posting your icons, please only include three teasers then a link to the post.
- If you're posting them at your journal, the post must be public until the round is over.
- Icons must adhere to LJ's rules: 100 x 100 pixels, 40kbs, .jpg, .png, or .gif format.
- Do not use your submitted icon anywhere until the challenge is over.
- Do not vote for yourself or solicit votes from anyone else.
- When posting be sure to put the round number and tv/film title in the subject line!
- You must be a member to participate!

for each round you will be given 10 themes (happy, sad, ect.) then you will be making 5 special category icons, then finally, 5 artist choice icons. voting will be seperate for each part.

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